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Origin: UK

Class 1


The 4th most widely cultivated 'vegetable'


Sweetest of the bell peppers


So many uses and ways to cook!


One way to get your good fats


Close relatives with garlic, shallots, leeks and chives.


If the red peppers are a little too sweet


Super sweet


No one will mind! Large bulb


Small, tender spinach leaves, 200g


Ripened on the vine, full of flavour and juice


A miniature cos lettuce, twin pack


For a mushroom lover looking for a richer taste


Look and taste amazing roasted on the vine


If the yellow peppers aren't quite sweet enough


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Origin: UK

Class 1


Not my cup of tea but don't let that stop you!


Great value and taste


Lovely thin skin but full of taste


Great mix of soft leaves


Cut into a wedge and smother in blue cheese


Great value versatile tomato, 500g


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Origin: China

Class 1


Just immature corn, will try to get but could be refunded


All round use chilli


Go on, treat yourself! British season is upon us!


The bitter bell pepper


A selection of not 100% produce to make a soup/soups


Just boiled!


If you don't all love cucumber


Plain for breakfast or stuffed for dinner


The perfect healthy snack


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Origin: Spain

Class 1


Lovely and peppery, one of my favourites, 100g


Top quality salmon 100g, use by 17/5/21, can be frozen to extend this date


A snack time option for the kids


Add full fat Mayo, red onion and black pepper


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Origin: UK

Class 1


Part of the cabbage family, twin pack


For cooking with and juicing too these days


A must with egg mayo


We sometimes get asked about how to tip. Here's how!


Add some crunch to your salad


Great taste and texture, full of Vitamin K


It’s always BBQ season


Slice with red onion and balsamic vinegar


Crunchy addition to a stir fry


Always a winner and no prep needed


Boil, roast or juice


The shallot if you need to chop


Crunch with a kick!


All round use chilli


Strong visual and taste appeal, living lettuce


A more mature chestnut mushroom


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Origin: UK

Class 1


High chance it will be replaced with landcress at the mo, sorry


Ideal for sauces, soups and over dishes


A great hot snack, all done in 4 mins!


Individual stem/stick!


Helps add a little crunch to your stir fry


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Weight Guide

Unless kilograms are specified, or a weight is included in the product description, prices are per unit (e.g. apple/box/sack).

Estimating weights can be tricky. This might help. Remember, this is only a guide; all amounts are approximate.

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Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Satsumas
250g 9oz 2
500g 1lb 2oz 3/4
750g 1lb 10oz 5/6
1kg 2lb 3oz 7/8
Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Bananas
250g 9oz 1/2
500g 1lb 2oz 2/3
750g 1lb 10oz 4/5
1kg 2lb 3oz 6/7
Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Mange Tout
250g 9oz 2 handfuls
500g 1lb 2oz 4 handfuls
750g 1lb 10oz 6 handfuls
1kg 2lb 3oz 8 handfuls
Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Onions - White Cooking
250g 9oz 1/2
500g 1lb 2oz 3
750g 1lb 10oz 5
1kg 2lb 3oz 6/7
Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Tomatoes - Salad Loose
250g 9oz 2/3
500g 1lb 2oz 5
750g 1lb 10oz 7
1kg 2lb 3oz 9/10