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Weight Guide

Half dozen large eggs


Half dozen local eggs


Top quality salmon 100g, use by 25/6/21, can be frozen to extend this date


Half dozen local eggs


We sometimes get asked about how to tip. Here's how!


3 packs for £2


Tray of 30, lion stamped


Tray of 30 local eggs


250g block


250g tub


500g tin


Tray of 30 local eggs


Snack away on this speedy food as much as you like with no guilt!


Local honey with a view to go with it!


250g block


100g x 3, Use by 25/6/21, can be frozen to extend this date


Flaky crystals


400g, organic


1.5 kilo, Wessex or Marriages


Nothing but good reports about this product


250g tub


Big 750ml bottle from Hillfarm, Suffolk


Keep the nut cracker out all year round with these!


Large jar of the tangy stuff!


1.5 kilo, Wessex or Marriages




Half dozen eggs from caged hens, lion stamped


Quite rare to be able to buy


Can be divided up and frozen


1L of the Grade A stuff!


400g bag


For ease this Christmas, 1 x 200g pack


The real deal!


A healthy sweet fix! 250g pack, priced to clear


Hard to find but we have it


1litre bottle


312g jar


Barista Edition


100g, use within 4 days of delivery


Barista edition


Barista edition


Delivery Terms

  • Your delivery will be delivered in the morning (or very occasionally a little after midday) on your chosen day of delivery.
  • We will leave your delivery in your designated safe place and put your order inventory through your letterbox to let you know we've delivered.
  • Your delivery will come in either a cardboard box or a plastic crocodile lid box. We ask you to leave plastic boxes in your designated safe place for us to collect when we deliver to you next. As a company, we're tough on waste, so we also love to reuse cardboard boxes - if you've got somewhere convenient to store your cardboard box we'd be delighted to have that back too.
  • If for some reason we cannot fulfil your order in full and an item/items are unavailable, we will replace with a substitute if we think fitting, or reimburse you.

Price Fluctuation

Some of our prices fluctuate on a regular basis. If you are a customer who has a regular order, the price from week to week may differ slightly. This means that the money taken as payment will fluctuate. Our policy of fair pricing will continue over from our time on the High Street, so we will keep increases to a minimum. Remember, the price might drop too!

Minimum Orders and Delivery Days

Post Code Minimum Order Delivery Day
SS0 £22.50 Tuesday
SS1 £22.50 Tuesday
SS2 £22.50 Tuesday
SS4 £17.50 Monday and Thursday
SS5 £15 Monday and Thursday
SS6 £12.50 Monday to Friday
SS7 £15 Wednesday and Friday
SS8 £17.50 Tuesday and Friday
SS9 £15 Tuesday and Friday
SS11 £17.50 Wednesday

Weight Guide

Unless kilograms are specified, or a weight is included in the product description, prices are per unit (e.g. apple/box/sack).

Estimating weights can be tricky. This might help. Remember, this is only a guide; all amounts are approximate.

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Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Satsumas
250g 9oz 2
500g 1lb 2oz 3/4
750g 1lb 10oz 5/6
1kg 2lb 3oz 7/8
Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Bananas
250g 9oz 1/2
500g 1lb 2oz 2/3
750g 1lb 10oz 4/5
1kg 2lb 3oz 6/7
Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Mange Tout
250g 9oz 2 handfuls
500g 1lb 2oz 4 handfuls
750g 1lb 10oz 6 handfuls
1kg 2lb 3oz 8 handfuls
Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Onions - White Cooking
250g 9oz 1/2
500g 1lb 2oz 3
750g 1lb 10oz 5
1kg 2lb 3oz 6/7
Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Tomatoes - Salad Loose
250g 9oz 2/3
500g 1lb 2oz 5
750g 1lb 10oz 7
1kg 2lb 3oz 9/10