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Today's order cut off has passed. We can no longer process orders for delivery tomorrow.

UPDATEOur cut-off for all orders has changed. Our new cut-off time (for both main orders and Add-Ons) is 6pm the evening before delivery. For more information about why we have made this change please click here.

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  1. Our plastic-free items are delivered to you without plastic packaging.
  2. They are free from plastic packaging from the moment we first set eyes upon them.
  3. We have no reason to believe that they are stored or transported in single-use plastics earlier on in the chain.

If you think we've listed an item in error, please let us know about it.

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Weight Guide

Sweetest of the bell peppers


From an Essex farm straight to your oven


Very crunchy and very sweet


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Origin: South Africa

Class 1


Once you try them you’ll know why there’s a fuss


One way to get your good fats


The classic pear we all know


If the red peppers are a little too sweet


Super sweet


The super carb!


Classic sweet crunchy apple


Help your body absorb iron


A* snowwhite Kent produce! Cauliflower cheese anyone?


Ripened on the vine, full of flavour and juice


Look and taste amazing roasted on the vine


Washed to make life that little easier!



Most people boil them but superb roasted


If the yellow peppers aren't quite sweet enough


Lovely thin skin but full of taste


Sweet and crisp


Great with my mum's tomato, garlic and chilli sauce


Great value versatile tomato, 500g


All round use chilli


Your sweeter cabbage


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Origin: Netherlands

Class 1


The meaty veg!


Just boiled!


The bitter bell pepper


The perfect healthy snack


The tarter option.


Sweet, let them ripen to your liking


Softest tasting melon


Plasic free icon
Origin: Peru

Class 1


Reverting to the best of the best as had issues with others lately


For your apple crumbles and pies


Plasic free icon
Origin: Costa Rica

Class 1


Juiced as much as eaten these days, LARGE


A snack time option for the kids


Cut open to unveil the orangeness


Lovely waxy potatoe



Goes great with Bramley apples in a crumble


Always reminds me of dinner at my Nan and Farv's


The classic yellow melon


Slice with red onion and balsamic vinegar


Always a winner and no prep needed


The more bitter cabbage


For all year, not just for Christmas


Boil, roast or juice


Sweet, softer apple


My boy could eat a whole one in one go!


All round use chilli


Crunch with a kick!


Use this ugly one like a potato


Ideal for sauces, soups and over dishes


Superb taste and great all round use, new season!


A great hot snack, all done in 4 mins!


Great all round potato


Great all round potato


From an Essex farm straight to your oven, 15kg box


Washed to make life that little easier!


The name everyone knows and most love, 25kg sack


Most people boil them but superb roasted, 10kg box new pots


Superb taste and great all round use, 20kg sack, new season!


Lovely waxy potato


Delivery Terms

  • Your delivery will be delivered in the morning (or very occasionally a little after midday) on your chosen day of delivery.
  • We will leave your delivery in your designated safe place and put your order inventory through your letterbox to let you know we've delivered.
  • Your delivery will come in either a cardboard box or a plastic crocodile lid box. We ask you to leave plastic boxes in your designated safe place for us to collect when we deliver to you next. As a company, we're tough on waste, so we also love to reuse cardboard boxes - if you've got somewhere convenient to store your cardboard box we'd be delighted to have that back too.
  • If for some reason we cannot fulfil your order in full and an item/items are unavailable, we will replace with a substitute if we think fitting, or reimburse you.

Price Fluctuation

Some of our prices fluctuate on a regular basis. If you are a customer who has a regular order, the price from week to week may differ slightly. This means that the money taken as payment will fluctuate. Our policy of fair pricing will continue over from our time on the High Street, so we will keep increases to a minimum. Remember, the price might drop too!

Minimum Orders and Delivery Days

Post Code Minimum Order Delivery Day
SS0 £22.50 Tuesday
SS1 £22.50 Tuesday
SS2 £22.50 Tuesday
SS4 £17.50 Monday and Thursday
SS5 £15 Monday and Thursday
SS6 £12.50 Monday to Friday
SS7 £15 Wednesday and Friday
SS8 £17.50 Tuesday and Friday
SS9 £15 Tuesday and Friday
SS11 £17.50 Wednesday

Weight Guide

Unless kilograms are specified, or a weight is included in the product description, prices are per unit (e.g. apple/box/sack).

Estimating weights can be tricky. This might help. Remember, this is only a guide; all amounts are approximate.

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Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Satsumas
250g 9oz 2
500g 1lb 2oz 3/4
750g 1lb 10oz 5/6
1kg 2lb 3oz 7/8
Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Bananas
250g 9oz 1/2
500g 1lb 2oz 2/3
750g 1lb 10oz 4/5
1kg 2lb 3oz 6/7
Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Mange Tout
250g 9oz 2 handfuls
500g 1lb 2oz 4 handfuls
750g 1lb 10oz 6 handfuls
1kg 2lb 3oz 8 handfuls
Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Onions - White Cooking
250g 9oz 1/2
500g 1lb 2oz 3
750g 1lb 10oz 5
1kg 2lb 3oz 6/7
Weight (Metric) Weight (Imperial) Tomatoes - Salad Loose
250g 9oz 2/3
500g 1lb 2oz 5
750g 1lb 10oz 7
1kg 2lb 3oz 9/10